The outcry of the ultrapatriots

Andrey Pertsev reflects on why Russian radical nationalists will not be able to unify a «club of angry patriots»

Putin’s New Pet Bureaucrat

Andrey Pertsev on how Marat Khusnullin has leveraged the war in Ukraine to became one of Putin's favorite bureaucrats

From digital paradise to digital GULAG

Andrey Pertsev on how the Russian state destroyed one of their most successful projects in one day

Anxiety teeth

Andrei Pertsev shows how the news spread by the Russian authorities became frightening and disturbing to society

Outreach Department for Believers

Andrey Pertsev discusses how the war has transformed Patriarch Kirill and his entourage into propaganda workers

Star Wars

Andrey Pertsev casts light on why and how the Kremlin is fighting artists who do not support the war

Kiriyenko’s War

Andrey Pertsev on how Sergei Kiriyenko and his subordinates have adapted their work at the presidential administration to the war in Ukraine

Russia in 2023: A return to party politics?

Andrey Pertsev on why Russian party politics showed signs of a revival at the end of 2022. Should this be taken seriously in 2023?

Kudrin @Yandex

Andrey Pertsev on why Vladimir Putin made Alexei Kudrin the head of Yandex

Vladimir Putin’s Telegram hawks

Andrey Pertsev on how Telegram became the main information platform for Russia’s hawks and their alternate reality

Russia’s public outing

Andrey Pertsev on the five myths painstakingly created by the Putin regime and exposed by the war

An amateur variety revue in battledress

Andrey Pertsev analyses Russian authorities' attempts to invent a military pop aesthetic

The Ministry of Happiness

Andrey Pertsev discusses how the Kremlin's political bloc is creating a new class of propagandists

‘We stand with Russia’, but why?

Andrey Pertsev on why the Kremlin is unwilling and unable to come up with an ideology for plebiscites in Ukrainian lands

Outpost state

Andrey Pertsev on why Kremlin is forming a modern version of service-class people in Donbas

Playing by new rules

Andrey Pertsev on how Russia’s siloviki and civilian elites have begun to change Russia’s system of power

A mad printer: An updated version

Andrey Pertsev looks at how Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has been trying to win Putin’s favours back

Back in the USSR

Andrey Pertsev on how and why the Russian elite is restoring a Soviet-like state

Sergei Kirienko’s new sphere of influence

Andrey Pertsev looks into how the head of the Kremlin's domestic political bloc profited from Russia’s Ukraine invasion

What is the Russian party of war like?

Andrey Pertsev on the key characteristics and goals of Russian public policy hawks

From Kremlin courtiers to propaganda serfdom

Andrey Pertsev looks at how Russia’s ruling elite are under pressure to show loyalty to their boss through regular outbursts of propaganda

What does the Russian war «Z» stand for?

Andrey Pertsev on how the «Z-campaign» in Russia testifies to the ideological emptiness of the Ukraine invasion