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«Getting rich at Russia’s expense»: How Chinese companies are gaining a foothold in the Russian commercial vehicle industry

Vakhtang Partsvania on how Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturers are enriching themselves at the expense of European companies that have left the Russian market

Riddle News Week
The Triumph of E-Voting
Andrey Pertsev sums of the week (July 1−5)
Andrey Pertsev sums of the week (July 1−5)
Defense Ministry: a motley crew, not a team

Andrey Pertsev explains how Putin prevented the Defense Minister from forming his own team, and what it might lead to

Tailored Propaganda

Alesya Sokolova shows how Russian propaganda spins different narratives for different demographics of social media users

Foreshadowing a Post-Kadyrov Chechnya

Harold Chambers looks into how North Caucasus power politics could shift if Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov’s health declines further

Russia’s Africa People

Ivan U. Klyszcz identifies some of the key Russian figures spearheading the Kremlin’s push into African politics

Iran, Russia and the War in the Middle East

Ze’ev (Vladimir) Khanin explores how Moscow is indulging Iran’s ambitions

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  • Vakhtang Partsvania

    Economist, Professor of Management at Caucasus University

  • Andrey Pertsev

    Journalist, Meduza Special Correspondent

  • Alesya Sokolova

    Senior researcher, the head of propaganda studies, expert on social media data at Сedar and data journalist at Novaya Gazeta Europe

  • Harold Chambers

    Analyst on conflict, nationalism, and security in the North Caucasus