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Cold civil war

Mikhail Turchenko on how Putin has been dividing Russian society for years

Russia’s Debt Charade

Max Hess on why the Kremlin pretends to want to pay Western bondholders

A mad printer: An updated version

Andrey Pertsev looks at how Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has been trying to win Putin’s favours back

Why continue polling in Russia?

Alexey Levinson on how to interpret polling results on support for Russia’s ‘special military operation'

Europe’s Gamble and the End of Russia’s Oil Power

Nick Trickett sees sanctions on Russian oil as a previously unthinkable decision to diminish Russia' role as a prime mover on oil markets

The poor against the war?

Vladislav Inozemtsev writes about the Russians who are most affected by the economic impact of the war

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