The Kremlin’s Problem with Cities

Andras Toth-Czifra investigates the central government’s latest attempts to stamp its authority over any excessively strong-minded municipal authorities

Riddle News Week
A Message From the Lobbyists
Andrei Pertsev sums up the week (February 26 — March 1)
Andrei Pertsev sums up the week (February 26 — March 1)
Social protests in the Russian regions: Scale and Role of Political Parties

Ilya Shablinsky examines protests at times of war

In Defence of Public Opinion Surveys

Dmitry Gorsky outlines the consolidated position of pollsters on conducting surveys in today's Russia

The curse of the «Black Spot»: the diffusion of «foreign agent» status in Russia and Kazakhstan

Vsevolod Bederson explains how the «foreign agent» status has become the main tool of repression against civil society for Russian NGOs, and why post-Soviet autocracies are keen on importing this practice

What has changed in Russia’s presidential election over six years?

It might seem that authoritarian elections in Russia have not changed much in the course of six years, but this is not the case. Ksenia Smolyakova discusses the changes that have taken place and their meaning

Sahra Wagenknecht’s New Alliance: A Pro-Russian Party in Germany?

Dmitri Stratievski on the rise of BSW, its political ambitions, potential supporters and possible ties to Russia

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