Post-Soviet space

Lightweight structures

Andrey Pertsev on what the choice of chairpersons for the «parliaments» on the annexed territories says about Kremlin’s plans for these territories

Riddle News Week
Putin as le Roi Soleil
Andrei Pertsev sums up the week (September 18−22)
Andrei Pertsev sums up the week (September 18−22)
The pros and cons of Georgia’s new Russian emigrés

Olga Gulina on the ambiguous political and economic impact of «war emigration» from Russia

Russia’s Vanishing Trade Surplus

Vladislav Inozemtsev investigates how sanctions and forced pivot to Global South are denting Russia’s trade balance

Results of the September elections in Russia

Ksenia Smolyakova discusses the outcomes of the elections in Russian regions

Putin’s reactionary overdrive

Ivan U. Klyszcz has spotted a pattern of ultra conservative measures from the Putin regime since its Ukraine invasion

Digital Iron Curtain: Russia’s Quest for Internet Sovereignty

Ana Mikadze looks into the Russian government’s attempts to control who does what on the RuNet

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