Russia - EU

Russia’s Lonely Fleets

Pavel Luzin reflects on what NATO expansion means for the Russian Navy

Unclosed Triangles of Armed Diplomacy in the Post-Soviet Space

Vladimir (Ze'ev) Khanin explores the intertwined relations between Russia and Iran across the post-Soviet space

A bumpy ride for Russia’s car industry

Vakhtang Partsvania identifies a looming crisis for Russian car manufacturing

Fatal (ist) Support for War

Riddle Russia on how the inability to influence the regime determines the scale of protests and shapes attitudes towards the war and personal strategies during the mobilization campaign

The pacifist movement in Germany: For world peace or for friendship with Putin?

Dmitri Stratievski on how the splintering of the German Pacifist movement has been exposed by the war in Ukraine

The Great Patriotic War and the Specter of Internal Betrayal

Benjamin Tromly takes note of how Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is prompting a surge of misleading and manipulative analogies to World War Two

Top reads
  • Pavel Luzin

    Specialist in international relations, expert on the Russian Armed Forces. Political scientist (PhD).

  • Vladimir (Ze’ev) Khanin

    Lecturer in Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University

  • Vakhtang Partsvania

    Economist, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Public policy at RANEPA

  • Dmitri Stratievski

    Political scientist and historian (FU Berlin), and director of the Berlin Center for East European Studies (Osteuropa-Zentrum Berlin e.V.).