Post-Soviet space

How do Ukrainians in a war zone feel about Russia?

Karina Korostelina and Gerard Toal discuss surveys about how Ukrainians now view Russia’s leadership, military and citizens

German ‘Sentimental Russophilia’

Dmitri Stratievski looks into how Germany’s political elites see «non-Putin» Russia

The heavy legacy of the Soviet regime

Alexey Uvarov analyses Russia and Ukraine’s disputes over Soviet succession

Cyber Operations During Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine in 2022

Nurlan Aliyev looks into why Russia has so far proved unable to overwhelm Ukraine’s cyber defences

Vladimir Putin’s Telegram hawks

Andrey Pertsev on how Telegram became the main information platform for Russia’s hawks and their alternate reality

How the war changed Russia’s media consumption

Sergey Davydov looks into Russia’s wartime media habits

Top reads
  • Karina Korostelina

    Professor and director of the Peace Lab on Reconciling Conflict and Intergroup Divisions at the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George…

  • Gerard Toal

    Political geographer and professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech’s campus in Arlington, Virginia

  • Dmitri Stratievski

    Political scientist and historian (FU Berlin), and director of the Berlin Center for East European Studies (Osteuropa-Zentrum Berlin e.V.).

  • Alexey Uvarov

    Visiting researcher at the University of Bonn, Department of Eastern European History. Holder of the Scholars at Risk scholarship from the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

  • Nurlan Aliyev

    Ph.D. in philosophy and security studies. Lecturer in the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw