Conflicts Governance Post-Soviet space Security

Outpost state

Andrey Pertsev on why Kremlin is forming a modern version of service-class people in Donbas

What kind of outcome can we expect from the ‘natural gas war’?

Vladislav Inozemtsev analyses the causes and consequences of the current energy crisis

Half-hearted withdrawal from the International Space Station

Pavel Luzin on what is behind the most recent announcement of Russia’s pull-out from the International Space Station

The fraught complexities of ‘Decolonising Russia’

Kevork Oskanian on why addressing Russia’s neo-imperial tendencies is anything but straightforward; it would need a barrage of government reforms and harsh self-reflection

Wartime elections

Stanislav Andreychuk on the backdrop for regional and local elections in Russia

Anti-war wave of emigration: should I stay or should I go?

Margarita Zavadskaya on the new wave of emigration out of Russia

Top reads
  • Andrey Pertsev

    Journalist, Meduza Special Correspondent

  • Vladislav Inozemtsev

    Director, Centre for Post-Industrial Studies (Moscow).

  • Pavel Luzin

    Specialist in international relations, expert on the Russian Armed Forces. Political scientist (PhD).

  • Kevork Oskanian

    Lecturer in the International Relations of Eurasia, University of Exeter

  • Stanislav Andreychuk

    Council member, Movement for Defence of Voters’ Rights “Golos”