Political actors

The Kadyrov Regime in 2024

Harold Chambers sees potential for transformation in the Caucasus with the ailing health of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov

Riddle News Week
Smitten by Belousov
Andrey Pertsev sums up the week (May 13−17)
Towards a fairer Russian collectivism

Natalia Forrat believes Russians need to transform collectivism from an enabler of state abuse. Instead, she argues, it could be a path to pluralism and civic agency

The Future and Present of Roskosmos

Pavel Luzin explains how Russia is trying to preserve and restore the capabilities it once had in space

An «Elegant» Solution: Because We Need Them More

Irina Busygina explains how the Russian government is dealing with lessors in civil aviation

Parties in a coma

Andrey Pertsev explores the bleak prospects of the Russian systemic opposition

Russia’s oil pivot to the east

Aleksei Chigadaev on the political consequences of increasing Russian oil exports to China

Top reads
  • Andrey Pertsev

    Journalist, Meduza Special Correspondent

  • Harold Chambers

    Analyst on conflict, nationalism, and security in the North Caucasus

  • Natalia Forrat

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies, University of Michigan