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Russian Literature, War and International Relations: The Case of Germany

Meri Melkonyan and Felix Sandalov on how German publishers have maintained relations with their Russian peers and banked on Ukraine

The filtration camp: a new level of incarceration and terror?

Brendan Humphreys and Mykhailo Romanov on how the use of so-called ‘filtration camps' by Russian forces in occupied Ukraine adds a grim chapter to the history of mass incarceration

Moscow vs the regions: what has NOT been changed by the war

Irina Busygina on how Russia’s federal relations have barely evolved since Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine

Russian oil after the embargo

Vladislav Inozemtsev analyses the transformation of the oil market in 2023

The Russian army in 2023

Pavel Luzin on whether the Russian army can be increased to 1.5 million

2022, Chechnya’s Seismic Year

Harold Chambers looks at how the last twelve months have seen frenetic changes to Ramzan Kadyrov’s regime -- mostly because of the war in Ukraine

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  • Meri Melkonyan

    Applied Literary Studies student at FU Berlin, copyright manager at Suhrkamp Verlag

  • Felix Sandalov

    Editor-in-chief of Individuum publishing house. German chancellor fellow at Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2021−2023)

  • Brendan Humphreys

    Leads a project on population expulsion at Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki

  • Mykhailo Romanov

    Kharkiv University and Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki

  • Irina Busygina

    Political scientist