The uneasy mobilization of the regions

Andras Toth-Czifra reflects on how Russia’s regional economies withstood major economic pressure in 2022, and how there could be harsher tests to come in 2023

Russia 2023: An Irresolvable New Year

Andras Toth-Czifra looks at how the mounting economic and social cost of Russia’s war with Ukraine leaves the Kremlin facing some irresolvable domestic policy choices

Elections in wartime: why the September votes matter

Andras Toth-Czifra investigates how the Kremlin is gearing up to outflank and intimidate opposition parties at September’s elections

Russia’s Beleaguered Wartime Federalism

Russia’s self-inflicted economic crisis has only just started, writes Andras Toth-Czifra. As the next few months unfold, Russia’s centralised governance will be tested to its limits

Will Russia cancel its next elections?

Andras Toth-Czifra explains why canceling the September elections is a tough choice for the Russian government

The awkward renewal of Russia’s cities

Andras Toth-Czifra explains how so many Russian cities have fallen short of previous visions for urban renewal

Russia’s (cancelled) ecological referenda

Andras Toth-Czifra reports on recent grassroots attempts to stage regional ecological referenda and looks into how these are affecting power dynamics in Russia