What has changed in Russia’s presidential election over six years?

It might seem that authoritarian elections in Russia have not changed much in the course of six years, but this is not the case. Ksenia Smolyakova discusses the changes that have taken place and their meaning

Results of the September elections in Russia

Ksenia Smolyakova discusses the outcomes of the elections in Russian regions

Fraught elections in Russia on the eve of a presidential campaign

Ksenia Smolyakova dives into the specifics of regional and local elections in Russia in September 2023

Fleeing the «War Parties»

Ksenia Smoliakova on how the Russian parties that supported the war are losing MPs and voters

Russia’s ‘Veteran’ Politicians

Ksenia Smolyakova explores how incumbent politicians refuse to hand their jobs to veterans of Russia's war in Ukraine; they imitate them instead.

2023 — The year of big elections in Russia

Ksenia Smolyakova explains why it is important to follow the 2023 elections in Russia