Russia’s contradictory mobilization

Nick Trickett sifts though the mixed signals in Russia’s economic data to assess how far the county could cope with prolonged mobilisation

Pavlov’s Stimulus: Understanding ‘Military Keynesianism’ in Russia

Nick Trickett looks at how sanctions and sky high military spending are denting the value of the ruble

Can Russia’s economy withstand another wave of mobilization?

Nicholas Trickett takes stock of how much damage ‘partial' mobilisation has already dented Russia’s wartime economy. How much more workforce depletion can the country take?

Economy, Heal Thyself: Forecasting Russia

Nick Trickett takes stock of some surprisingly upbeat forecasts for the Russian economy

Russia’s Isolated Wartime Economy

Nick Trickett on the transformation of the Russian economy in 2022

Further To Fall: Russia’s Grinding Mobilization

Nick Trickett examines how far Russia’s government is capable of a an economic ‘partial mobilization'

Russian metallurgy is buckling under wartime economic realities

Nick Trickett looks at how the metallurgy sector is being bent out of shape by harsh new economic realities imposed by 6 months of war

Europe’s Gamble and the End of Russia’s Oil Power

Nick Trickett sees sanctions on Russian oil as a previously unthinkable decision to diminish Russia' role as a prime mover on oil markets

Russia’s Brittle Wartime Economy

Nick Trickett on how the economic struggles for Putin’s regime in wartime are underscoring the drawbacks of Russia’s approach to central planning

Russia’s Toxic Relationship With Oil

Nick Trickett sees Russia’s oil dependency as an economic straitjacket, especially as countries start to look elsewhere for energy amid the Ukraine conflict

The false strength of Russia’s currency reserves

Nick Trickett is wary of seeing Russia’s swelling reserves of foreign currency as a sign of underlying economic strength. In fact, he writes, the woes of stagnant growth and inflation are starting to bite.

Russia’s 2022 Deflation Risk

Nick Trickett takes issue with the Russian Central Bank’s focus on suppressing inflation. Deflation, he fears, is the next spectre to watch for — and there is no sign of a plan

The Folly of Shoigu’s New Siberian Cities

Nick Trickett questions why the Russian government is thinking about building new Siberian cities, when there is still plenty of work to do in developing the existing ones

Rethinking the Effects of Climate Change on Russia

Nick Trickett on why Russia won’t benefit from climate change, but not for the reasons you might think

Mishustin and the Politics of Stagflation

Nick Trickett believes Russia’s government is fighting a losing battle against inflation

Command without Control: The Return of Price Planning

Nick Trickett warns that price controls are not the smartest way to mitigate Russia’s problems with inflation

Russia’s austerity politics point to a rocky year ahead

Nicholas Trickett into the prospects for a post-Covid economic recovery in Russia

The sagging prospects for Russian oil

Nicholas Trickett looks at how Russian oil production is struggling in a time of Covid-19’s low prices, OPEC+ production cuts, and US shale

How China Helped Russia Weather COVID and Why It’s Not Necessarily Good News

Nicholas Trickett on how COVID-19 has been rewriting economic orthodoxy across the globe, but Russia’s Austrian School economists have yet to get the memo

The Limits of Support for Russia’s Oil and Gas Sector

Nick Trickett wonders how far the Russian state should go to support its struggling fossil fuels companies

Pique Oil and Rosneft’s Lebanon Play

Nick Trickett on the political and economic pressures fuelling Rosneft’s latest round of Middle Eastern dealmaking

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s Oil “Entente”

Russia and Saudi Arabia are rolling a boulder up a hill only to see it tumble back down as their relative market power declines

Lock, Vladivostok, and Two Smoking Barrels

Russian gas supplies to China are a talking point again in light of US-China trade tensions and commodity price fluctuations. Two prospective pipelines are being touted, for very different reasons

Russia in the Gulf: Partnerships, but at what price?

As Russian oil companies plan further cooperation across the Middle East, the political and financial costs of engagement will likely increase.