Will Russia Face a New Mobilization?

Vladislav Inozemtsev explains why the Kremlin is likely to opt for a «commercial army»

Another year of crisis for Russia’s military-industrial complex?

Vladislav Inozemtsev on why exaggerating the problems of the Russian military-industrial complex is a dangerous strategy

A rush to the warm ocean

Vladislav Inozemtsev discusses Russia’s growing ambitions in Africa

Competition Through Sanctions

Vladislav Inozemtsev explains how the sanctions have become an instrument of unfair competition among Ukraine's allies

Russia’s Vanishing Trade Surplus

Vladislav Inozemtsev investigates how sanctions and forced pivot to Global South are denting Russia’s trade balance

Workforce shortage: A non-existing problem

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the challenges Russian labour market faces today

Putin’s «Deathonomics»

Vladislav Inozemtsev demonstrates how Putin’s regime is turning death into a rational choice

Russia’s Dedollarization Delusion

Vladislav Inozemtsev reflects on whether Russia can actually challenge the hegemony of the US dollar

Try leaving Russia

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the difficulties and costs for Western companies seeking an exit from the Russian market

Russia’s importance to China should not be overestimated

Vladislav Inozemtsev argues that Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow demonstrated the limits of China-Russia relations

Ownership and serfdom

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the political passivity of super-rich Russians

Russian oil after the embargo

Vladislav Inozemtsev analyses the transformation of the oil market in 2023

Russia 2023: The Year of No Return

Vladislav Inozemtsev anticipates a year of mounting war costs and bleak economic prospects

Will Russia close the borders?

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the prospect of «exit visas»

Putin’s tactical mistake

Vladislav Inozemtsev on how Putin lost the gas war with Europe

Russian economy after six months of war

Vladislav Inozemtsev looks at the new norm in Russia’s economy: a foreign trade surplus coupled with a chronic deficit in the federal budget

What kind of outcome can we expect from the ‘natural gas war’?

Vladislav Inozemtsev analyses the causes and consequences of the current energy crisis

Import substitution or ‘going parallel’?

Vladislav Inozemtsev outlines how the Russian economy is adapting to the new circumstances

The poor against the war?

Vladislav Inozemtsev writes about the Russians who are most affected by the economic impact of the war

Back to the past?

Vladislav Inozemtsev on whether the future of the Russian economy will resemble the late Soviet Union or Russia of the 1990s

Instead of an embargo

Vladislav Inozemtsev on whether it is possible to propose an alternative strategy that would allow supporting the European economy and at the same time putting pressure on Russia

Russia’s default: believe it or not

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the likelihood of an imminent default in Russia

How long can Russia’s economy hold out?

Vladislav Inozemtsev looks into how Russia’s economy will be impacted by Vladimir Putin’s invasion

The first lessons of Kazakhstan’s «Big Bang»

Vladislav Inozemtsev discusses the economic and social parallels between Russia and Kazakhstan

Time to choose geopolitics or stability

Vladislav Inozemtsev on why 2022 could be a fateful year for Russia

Oil, COVID and prospects of economic growth in Russia

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the economic "cost of the epidemic" and impact of high energy prices on long-term development

Unintended consequences of decarbonisation

Vladislav Inozemtsev on what the new technological revolution may entail for Russia

A respite from the sanctions war

Vladislav Inozemtsev on how the sanctions policy against Moscow has become a stage setting for interstate communication instead of a means of persuasion

The perfect trap

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the medium-term consequences of the current rise in oil prices

How Russians Learned to Stop Dreaming and Love the Past

Vladislav Inozemtsev ponders Russians’ unique fear of the future

Outliving Putin & Co

Vladislav Inozemtsev on why Putin’s Russia is a corporation rather than a state

The Physics of Sanctions

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the threat of ‘radical sanctions’ against sovereign debt for Russia

The Eurasian Economic Union in the Pandemic

Vladislav Inozemtsev on what the COVID-19 pandemic means for the Eurasian Economic Union

An unending year

Vladislav Inozemtsev explains why 2020 is far from over

Russia’s war on Covid-19 is stalling

Vladislav Inozemtsev on how Russian authorities are losing the battle against COVID-19

The future of anti-Kremlin sanctions

Vladislav Inozemtsev on why sanctions against Moscow have not yet brought the desired results

Russia’s electoral “stability”

Vladislav Inozemtsev puzzles over the constantly changing electoral rules in Russia and their role in power preservation

The struggle for citizens’ money

Vladislav Inozemtsev looks at new attempts by the state to squeeze Russian taxpayers

Covid-19 has wrecked Russia’s transport sector

Vladislav Inozemtsev is worried about how Covid-19 is sending Russia’s transport sector off the rails

The harsh summer of 2020

Vladislav Inozemtsev on what awaits Russia in the coming months

2020: Russia’s historical watershed

Vladislav Inozemtsev on how the coronavirus will help citizens ‘swallow’ both the economic recession and constitutional reform

Can Russia win (or survive) the oil price war?

As prices per barrel plummet, Vladislav Inozemtsev considers the latest standoff between Russia and Saudi Arabia

Coronavirus and the rouble

Vladislav Inozemtsev on how the coronavirus is affecting the Russian economy

How China’s slowdown could catch up with Russia

In recent decades, writes Vladislav Inozemtsev, Russia’s economy, society, and geopolitical standing have become prisoners to China’s success — to a far greater extent than the authorities and ordinary citizens are prepared to recognise

What if Oil Sank to $40 per Barrel?

Vladislav Inozemtsev on Minister Oreshkin’s dubious optimism about the Russian economy in a world of low oil prices

In the Name of the Russian Federation!

Russia has yet again gone down a path towards national humiliation, writes Vladislav Inozemtsev

Why Russia’s Big Business Summits are No Big Deal

Russia’s economic forums make a big splash, but their real influence is overblown, writes Vladislav Inozemtsev

The Russian Economy’s Non-Stop Inertia

Vladislav Inozemtsev on the inevitability of another recession in Russia

The Ubiquity of Russian Pessimism

Vladislav Inozemtsev looks at what lies behind a wave of pessimism sweeping the Russian population

Back from the Brink? Charting Russia’s Economic Challenges for 2019

Vladislav Inozemtsev reflects on the state of Russia’s economy at the end of this year and challenges it faces at the start of the next

How to Address Russia’s Regional Disparities

Too often development policies in Russia are geared towards its mega cities and border areas -- all at the expense of smaller towns and rural areas. As wealth inequalities spiral out of control, that has to change.

Who Can Be Happy in Russia?

An ambitious round of social welfare spending and greater worker protections are the Kremlin’s only refuge from voter dismay

A Convenient Currency Slide

Why is the Rouble sliding? Do Russia’s financial authorities find this too problematic?

A mysterious pension reform

Why has the Kremlin unexpectedly decided to introduce such an unpopular and politically dangerous pension reform?

A Gravity Defying Promise of 30 Trillion Roubles

Putin’s programme for his next term in office is based on a pledge to pump at least 30 trillion roubles into the Russian economy. He doesn’t say where it will come from.

The Pendulum effect

What is the advantage of Putin's policy?