Covid-19 is the worst crisis of Lukashenko’s career

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Against all odds

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Minsk and Moscow’s Low-Energy, High Stakes Friendship

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Sochi Summit: Lukashenko and Putin agree to disagree

Yuri Tsarik reflects on the negotiations held in Sochi on December 6-7. These showed Minsk’s determination to uphold sovereignty, he writes, as well as the Kremlin’s determination to continue its game of “deepening integration”

The Russian media in Belarus

Part six in the series ‘Russian Media: Moscow and Beyond Calling’: Russia’s information influence on Belarus

Belarus’s integration headache

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Belarus-Russia: from “deeper integration” to a geopolitical crisis?

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The Bright Side of a Sochi Stalemate

Yuri Tsarik contends that relations between Russia and Belarus may have reached an “integration impasse,” but there were at least a few constructive results from February’s bilateral talks in Sochi.

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Four key scenarios for the further development of bilateral relations

Belarus-Russia Talks: ‘Difficult But Productive’?

Belarus and Russia have held a string of recent high level bilateral talks. What have they achieved for relations between the two allies at a time of lingering apprehension?

Belarus and Russia Have Become Frenemies

Relations between Russia and Belarus have been out of balance ever since the annexation of Crimea. Both are still close partners, but mutual suspicions are creeping into strategic decision making in both Moscow and Minsk