Brainwashing in university lecture halls

V.G. discusses how indoctrination is destroying Russia’s higher education

By V. G.
There will be no elite split

V.G. on why the disgruntled Russian political elites are silent

By V. G.
The Rise and Fall of Rector Mau

V.G. on the ‘Mau case' as evidence of the failure of bottom-up initiatives to improve the quality of institutions under the auspices of high-ranking advocates of reform

Why the Kremlin Invaded Ukraine

V.G. on what guided the Russian government’s military decision making

Authoritarian Russia: The trajectory of political evolution

V.G. on the mechanisms behind the emergence and consolidation of post-Soviet authoritarianism in Russia

By V. G.
Reforms and their substitutes

V.G. on chances for improving the quality of the Russian state

Sputnik V: one more «success story»?

V.G. on the specifics of Russian success stories

Russia’s opaque digitalisation

V.G. on how digitalisation should aid public accountability mechanisms in contemporary Russia, but is currently helping to thwart it

By V. G.
The Russian coronavirus test

V.G. on why Russia has so far failed the coronavirus test

Why is Russia so badly governed?

V.G. considers how modern Russia came to be so poorly governed, and what can be done about it

By V. G.