Foreshadowing a Post-Kadyrov Chechnya

Harold Chambers looks into how North Caucasus power politics could shift if Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov’s health declines further

The Inheritors of the Kadyrov Regime

Harold Chambers takes stock of the rising influence of Ramzan Kadyrov’s teenage children in Chechen politics

The Stakeholders of the Kadyrov Regime

Harold Chambers outlines the shifting power dynamics in Chechnya

The Kadyrov Regime in 2024

Harold Chambers sees potential for transformation in the Caucasus with the ailing health of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov

Russia’s New Radicalization Poses Problems

Harold Chambers expects a heavy-handed and weaponized security response to the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall, particularly in regions considered prone to militancy risks, such as Ingushetia

The Storming of Uytash

Harold Chambers on the implications of the storming of Makhachkala airport

Is Dagestan Destabilizing?

Harold Chambers charts how deteriorating socioeconomic conditions across Dagestan are spark

Prigozhin’s Rebellion and the North Caucasus

Harold Chambers outlines how the North Caucasus has been particularly affected by the recent Wagner coup attempt, just not in a way that is easy to gauge

Akhmat Ramzanovich, Heir Apparent

Harold Chambers reports on how rumours of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov’s ailing health are coinciding with an enhanced public role for his eldest son Akhmat

New Repression in Kabardino-Balkaria

Harold Chambers investigates how the Russian authorities are launching a heavy handed crackdown on even the most minor signs of dissent from Circassian and Balkan communities

The Rise of the Russian Spetsnaz University

Harold Chambers looks into how Chechnya’s main training base has taken on a symbolic and strategic role for Ramzan Kadyrov

2022, Chechnya’s Seismic Year

Harold Chambers looks at how the last twelve months have seen frenetic changes to Ramzan Kadyrov’s regime -- mostly because of the war in Ukraine

Mobilization in the North Caucasus

Harold Chambers looks into how months of casualties — and now the prospect of punitive conscription measures — are fueling major resistance movements across the North Caucasus

Moving Beyond the Chechen Troika

Harold Chambers investigates how internal power dynamics are shifting in Grozny since the outbreak of war in Ukraine

The Ingush Question

Harold Chambers describes how Ingushetia is willing to defy power brokers in Moscow and Grozny

How Kadyrov is financing war efforts in Ukraine

Harold Chambers on the way Akhmat Kadyrov Fund is used to finance propaganda and war

The price of protest in Chechnya

Harold Chambers on why there has been an escalation of Chechen-related violence

Chechnya’s memory wars

Harold Chambers describes how Ramzan Kadyrov’s historical vendettas are threatening the Kremlin and Chechnya’s neighbors

Spiralling radicalisation in the North Caucasus

Harold Chambers warns how heavy handed security service crackdowns are galvanising islamic radicalisation in the North Caucasus