The Russian world of crooked mirrors

Olga Irisova on how the Kremlin uses the policy of «fear and lies» to suppress anti-war protests

The Key Event of 2021

Riddle Experts talk about the key events of 2021 for Russia

If You Want Peace, Prepare for Peace

Olga Irisova on the possible reconciliation of the West and Russia, the cessation of information confrontation and the attendant difficulties that scenario might bring

Why Russians are not unique

There is nothing unique about the way Russians are responding to authoritarian rule

Russian “Russophobes” – Kremlin agents?

How Kremlin propaganda turns its opponents into “Russophobes” and “Kremlin agents”

Where did the Russian “democrats” disappear to?

25 years ago thousands of Russians took it to the streets, choosing democracy. Today, they are a part of Putin’s “majority”

Of chiefs and men

The preservation of the cult of the past leaders strengthens the cult of today’s ‘leader’

The West through the eyes of Russians

Anti-Western rhetoric of Russian propaganda as a tool for preserving the regime and eroding the European identity of Russians