Experimental Russia of the future

Kirill S. on how an experimental approach to reforms will ensure Russia’s dynamic development

Navalny’s return puts the spotlight back on Russia’s security services

Kirill S. sees Alexei Navalny’s return to Russia — and subsequent arrest — as another reminder of why reform of Russia’s security services is long overdue

A surprise from the Far East

Kirill S. on how the Khabarovsk Region stood up to the ‘Far West'

So different, but in some ways so similar

Kirill S. on civil-military relations in the USA and Russia

Evidence-Based Policymaking in Russia: The Kremlin’s New Magic Wand?

Kirill S. on evidence-based policymaking as one of the possible innovations of the Mishustin government

‘Guardians of the People’ Versus ‘Servants of the People’

Part 6 of “Safety first”: State - and Human-level Security in Russia

In Russia, Politics is Always About National Security

Part One of ‘Safety first’ examines how broadly defined security issues became the most important ideological and material factor undergirding Russian politics today

All the Tsar’s Men: Who Leads Russia’s Regions?

On Russia’s regional governors. Part five of our ‘Russia's Human Resources' series

Hungary and Russia in the (post) Putin Era

Modern Hungarian-Russian relations can be neatly summed up by the phrase “in the right place, at the right time”

Who Hold Leadership Roles in Russia’s Government and State Run Companies?

The fourth part of our ‘Russia's Human Resources' series looks at the government and state-owned companies

Birds of a feather: the Presidential Administration of Russia

The third article in the ‘Russia's staff' series: the Presidential Administration

Is Russia a ‘Militocracy’?

This is the second part of a series entitled 'Russia's Human Resources.' This part examines how workers with military or secret service backgrounds percolate Russia's ruling elite.

People and Problems: Who Really Governs Russia?

After analyzing 176 career track records of high-level state employees. several interesting patterns are beginning to emerge

The Risks of Creating A Fully Professional Army in Russia

If conscription comes to an end in Russia, it would remove several counterweights that limit the government’s use of force

Returning Home from Syria

How victims and former supporters of ‘Islamic State’ are welcomed back to Russia