Russia’s mobilisation against mobilisation

Jeremy Morris anticipates that any larger-scale mobilization will provoke more avoidance and evasion

The Russian Resistance and Horizontal Social Action

Jeremy Morris weighs up the strength and coordination of those resisting Putin’s war in Ukraine from within Russia

Small businesses are struggling under the cosh of state capitalism

Jeremy Morris on the prospects for small business and entrepreneurship in Russia

A Tax Paying Autocracy?

Jeremy Morris wonders whether Russia's rising tax take is a sign of a state getting more effective, or if it is simply more of a federal fiscal cul de sac

People as the New Oil?

At a time of budget cuts in Russia, Jeremy Morris questions whether the government can extract much more tax revenue from its citizens without spurring resentment or resistance

Young Russians Are Not Just Young and Russian

Thinking in broad, generational terms about Russia’s young people will only lead to conflated and patronising conclusions.