Putin’s reactionary overdrive

Ivan U. Klyszcz has spotted a pattern of ultra conservative measures from the Putin regime since its Ukraine invasion

Messianic multipolarity: Russia’s resurrected Africa doctrine

Ivan U. Klyszcz has spotted a messianic resurrection within Russian foreign policy circles to bring its message of a ‘multi-polar world' to Africa

Russia’s Intelligence Agencies in the Global South: the Case of Venezuela

Ivan U. Klyszcz traces the history of Russo-Venezuelan intelligence cooperation, a case study of how Russia’s intelligence agencies activate an imposing foreign policy in the ‘Global South'.

Russia and the Taliban: one year since the takeover

Ivan Ulises Kentros Klyszcz looks at how Russia has lost the initiative in its relations with the Taliban since the 2021 takeover of the Afghan government

Will the Ukraine conflict splinter Russia?

Ivan U. Klyszcz weighs up whether a defeat against Ukraine could spark Russia’s territorial disintegration

What is happening in Ukraine’s newly occupied territories?

Ivan U. Klyszcz investigates what is known about life in the newly occupied territories

The Taliban has reached Kabul. Why is Moscow so calm?

Ivan U. Klyszcz looks at why Russia seems much less worried by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan than it was in the 1990s

What is Next for Moscow’s North Caucasus Policy?

Ivan U. Klyszcz on the prospects for a new approach to the North Caucasus

Russia’s Myanmar Gambit

Ivan U. Klyszcz takes stock of Russia’s reactions to the Myanmar coup and what the ongoing crisis has brought to its Southeast Asia diplomacy

In Russia’s largest protests in years the North Caucasus mostly stayed home. Why?

Ivan U. Klyszcz discusses possible factors in the small turnout for the 23 January protests in the North Caucasus republics

The unconquerable Batalkhadzhintsy brotherhood

Ivan U. Klyszcz discusses the role of the secretive Sufi Batalkhadzhintsy brotherhood in Ingush politics and their persistent conflict with local authorities