Russia’s Managed Poverty

Denis Grekov considers how a weak economy and rising public indebtedness affect ordinary Russians’ readiness to protest

Why Russia’s Rulers Will Censor More than Just the Internet

Denis Grekov argues that the Russian government’s latest moves towards censorship will only stimulate further public discontent

Instability in Ingushetia

Recent protests in Ingushetia will prompt the Kremlin to rethink its North Caucasus policy

The Defining Contours of Russian Hate Speech

The story of Ukraine’s security police staging a planned assassination of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko provoked significant online anger and hate speech. It is an increasingly typical Russian public reaction to an ever widening range of current events.

Russia’s Recurring States of Emergency

Russia’s authorities are increasingly declaring states of emergency as a way to maintain and consolidate political control. It is becoming a default tactic, one that looks set to continue.