What on earth is a Russian ‘country-civilization’?

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Russia’s Inflated Africa Strategy

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The mixed signals of Xi in Moscow

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Putin in the Donbass

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Too proud to pull back? Russia’s Ukraine dilemma

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The G7 In Biarritz: Warmer to Russia, Colder to China

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One Of Russia’s Top Foreign Policy Analysts Turns Inwards, With Warnings Of Revolution

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Waiting for Multipolarity

Russian foreign policy 5 years since Crimea

Russia-West in 2028: Counter Terrorism as a Path to Rapprochement?

America’s Russian Speaking President

Donald Trump’s words and actions show scant commitment to the ideas that bind the West. The American President is instead embracing a distinctly Russian lexicon and world view: That of an amoral, multipolar world defined by raw strength.

Ivan Ilyin: A Fashionable Fascist

By approving of Ivan Ilyin’s philosophy, the Russian state is effectively sugar coating a holder of bitterly fascist views

Nations of the post-Soviet space: 25 years apart

The disintegration of the empire still goes on

Expensive Dreams of Great Power Status

For Russian foreign policy strategists, the economy is neither so important, nor comprehensible