The Chemistry of Sanctions

Sergey Glandin looks at current and future sanctions in response to Alexei Navalny’s poisoning

Navalny poisoning sanctions: the fate of the six

Sergei Glandin wonders why "Navalny's list" is so short and whether the defendants will be able to lift these sanctions in the EU Court of Justice

The uncertain fate of Cyprus’s sanctions-dodging passports

Sergey Glandin discusses what the recent Cyprus Papers leak and ongoing sanctions will mean for Russians seeking a “golden passport”

Russia’s sanctions laws could be about to change

Sergey Glandin takes a close look at the recent Duma proposals to alter Russian sanctions law

Sanctions in the name of Caesar

Sergey Glandin combs through the “Caesar Act,” which enables sanctions for supporting the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, and wonders if the move is significant or effective

America Versus Nord Stream 2

Anton Imennov and Sergey Glandin describe how US sanctions policies are being used to stall a second gas pipeline network linking Russia and Germany

Maduro versus the Russian Banks

Anton Imennov and Sergey Glandin consider the ties between the Venezuelan oil company PdVSA and Russia’s GazpromBank; ties which have become enmeshed in the sanctions web